Blockchain powered prosperity
decentralized and incentivized entertainment streaming.


Global Scalable Economic Video Streaming.

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Digital Asset Ownership and Protection

Our network will allow content creators to issue limited edition blockchain registered copies of their digital assets that maybe be bought and sold on our own decentralized exchange knowing that these unique copies cannot be copied,


Trust-less Advertising Analytics & AI

As an advertiser you want to make sure that ad views are legit, and no one is gaming the system. Decentralization means trust that insiders with access to central server algorithms arent taking unfair advantage.  State of the are AI means that every advertiser has potential access to the latest viewing and buying trends, Consumer data is owned controlled by themselves not BIG BROTHER.


Incentivized Viewing

A platform where fans are rewarded for being fans, Content Creators for creating, marketers for marketing.


Safe & Secure Internet

Your digital assets, personal information, digital history,and data belong to you, Safe, secure & encrypted.


Streaming solutions for storytellers

Content creators are looking for platforms that let them maximize their share of revenue from their digital assets and a platform where they can create partnerships with advertisers, distributers, other content creators and fans.