Elastos is the first Internet operating system that wants to create a blockchain-powered decentralized Internet. Elastos also uses the Internet as a layer on which DAPPs and APPs are run.

The project has three different repositories for each segment: Elastos.OS, Elastos.RT and Elastos.NET. Elastos was first established approximately 18 years ago, with its first campaign in 2003 when they created a smartphone from scratch; and the second campaign was in 2012 which involved the design an OS for industrial IOT devices and mobile device. In simpler terms, this decentralized system over the Internet uses blockchain to authenticate the IDS of user, application, as well as machines.

This open- source system has received funding of over 200 million RMB from the Foxconn Group and other industry giants that saw the massive potential of this project.

Elastos Operating System

Its operating system was created to support Elastos DAPPS and to easily connect to its internet protocol, it will run on mobile devices, IOT devices, and Raspberry pi.