WeFIlmchain is a non-profit organization registered in Canada. It is also an Elastos foundation project that is looking forward to bringing lasting value the Elastos ecosystem.

To support the communities in both WeFilmchain and Elastos across North America, as well as increase the diversity of the Elastos mainnet, WeFilmchain is pleased to announce its plan to join DPoS Supernode election with the proposal of running a Supernode in Canada. The WeFilmchain Canada node will be located in Eastern Canada, a place well known for its political friendly environment for blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Toronto has been a film and television hub for decades, a position enhanced by the influential Toronto International Film Festival. Vancouver is also known as Northern Hollywood with its world-class facilities, economic incentives, and a growing blockchain community.

In order to achieve the goal, WeFilmchain tasks the Supernode operation with its senior technical partners specialized in DevOps. Besides the in-depth knowledge and skillset of technology operation in production cloud environment, the technical team also carries the rich experience in blockchain infrastructure, such as the world’s first DPoS consensus practice, EOS election in 2018.

As a developer within the Elastos Community, Wefilmchain intends to support its supernode with their qualified development team. The current plan is to host through cloud service in aws or gcp per elastos supernode specs recommendation.

At a later stage, when community deems it is necessary to bring more diversity to the ecosystem through non public cloud solution, we will consider the option to build the node cluster with bare metal servers in a tier 4 data center.

Rewards will  be shareable with contributors on a regular basis. The team plans on utilizing and contributing toward an open source solution that the whole community can use so contributors are properly incentivized and can view data in a simple way.

Future enhancements might include rewards for participants hosting music or video files for the Dapp that we are creating.

We value transparency, creativity and education. We have strong ties to entertainment and content creation communities and look forward to educating and reaching out to those groups to spread the word about the  Elastos Ecosystem and profound value and potential that it holds for ever growing global market.


Make a Difference

Host a carrier node or collaborate on our open source code on GitHub

Stay tuned for updates regard our GitHub open source project.

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